Cycling in Spring

Today is my Birthday!

This little girl loves to ride her bicycle. Learn all about cycling for daily transportation and for leisure. Discover the many varieties of bicycles and cyclists seen in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Designed for non-native speakers and native speakers who struggle with reading Chinese. Phonetic Jyutping romanisation is included alongside Traditional Chinese to help with pronunciation. No dictionary required!

Recommended for ages 2-6. Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook. Free audiobook in Cantonese and English available on YouTube:

Publication date:

31 March 2022

Key themes:
bicycles, cycling, Sydney
bicycles, transportation

English, Cantonese (conversational/colloquial/口語詞), Traditional Chinese characters, Jyutping

Available formats:

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-6451498-5-2 / Paperback ISBN: 978-0-6451498-6-9 / Ebook ISBN: 978-0-6451498-8-3 / Kindle ASIN: B09VRPXQ2J

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