Cantonese/English books you can read with your child…even if you can’t read Chinese.

Let your child fall in love with stories relevant to Asian families living abroad that are just as captivating and relatable as any English children’s classic. Our books feature vivid characters with strong emotional arcs.

Every story is told with simple, memorable rhyme, Dr. Seuss style! Our books are perfect for learning how to hear and speak the different Cantonese tones. Phonetic Jyutping romanisation, exact translations and free audio books are included to help you and your child read stories aloud in Cantonese without constantly referring to a dictionary.

All of our stories are told using conversational Cantonese so there is no need to stop and translate between formal written and colloquial spoken Cantonese. Reading these everyday Cantonese phrases aloud will help you and your child become more confident in speaking Cantonese.