今日係我生日啊!Today is My Birthday! (Ebook)

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This little girl is turning ten and she’s holding a big birthday party to celebrate with family and friends! After a whole day of fun and games, it’s time to pack up and go home, a little older and wiser.

★ Recommended for ages 2-6.
★ Rhymes in Cantonese and English!
★ Free audiobook available.

Note: Cantonese editions are written in colloquial/conversational Cantonese (口語詞) and include phonetic Jyutping romanisation with Traditional Chinese.


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Read on the go: Not enough room in your for more physical books? Traveling but still want to keep reading in Cantonese with your child/ren? Grab the ebook so you’ll always have a Cantonese story on your phone or tablet. Available in .MOBI for Kindle, .EPUB for all other e-readers, or .PDF format.

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.MOBI (Kindle), .PDF, EPUB



Key Themes

birthday, family, friendship, time


numbers, family members, activities

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