Instead of buying Christmas cards, why not try making your own for a more personal touch? Use this FREE printable and some colored pencils, paints, markers, crayons, glitter, glue, and your imagination to decorate these Christmas card templates.

Christmas Cantonese vocabulary

Try writing a Christmas greeting inside in Cantonese as well as English! Here are some common Christmas-related phrases to help you:

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish meaning
聖誕快樂sing3 daan3 faai3 lok6Merry Christmas
世界平安sai3 gaai3 ping4 on1Peace to the world
平安夜ping4 on1 je6Christmas Eve
聖誕老人sing3 daan3 lou5 jan4Santa
聖誕帽sing3 daan3 mou6*2Christmas/Santa hat
禮物lai5 mat6Present/gift

Download your FREE printable

Here’s the link to download your FREE DIY Christmas Card printable.


  1. Download the PDF file provided.
  2. Print out the pages (single sided).
  3. Color in the pictures and cut them out.
  4. Decorate the card template provided however you like!
  5. Fold along the dotted lines to create a Christmas card.
  6. Write a Christmas message inside. Remember to sign your name!

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